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Solar Eclipse

photo of solar eclipse

During a Solar Eclipse people want to admire how interesting it looks. The Eclipse occurs when the Sun is being obscured by the Moon passing between the Earth and the Sun. The danger to our eyes is just as bad a on a regular sunny day. When we view the eclipse with our bare eyes, even for just a few seconds the damage can be tremendous. We had several patients sunburn their eyes. The pain can be excruciating. You can become light sensitive and have a sore, scratchy feeling, along with red, sunburned eyes. If the burn is severe

enough, the retina (nerve layer inside our eyes) can permanently get the imprint of the sun causing permanent loss of vision in that spot. Even looking through a camera lens can still cause damage to your eyes.It is always recommended by Optometrists to wear sunglasses with the proper UV protection when you are outdoors in the sun. Even on overcast days, it is recommended. When it is overcast, our pupils dilate and more UV can enter through our pupils causing long term damage to the inside and outside of our eyes.


Please consult your Optometrist if you have pain or vision loss after a solar eclipse. For more information on this subject, please call to schedule and appointment with our office at 20/20 Optometric Eye Care, we would be more than happy to answer your questions and concerns.

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