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Emergency Eye Exams

red eye

If you have a medical problem with your eyes, feel free to call us to schedule a medical eye exam.

  • We treat red eyes

  • Dry eyes, including Plugs

  • We do Diabetic Eye Exams.

  • Hypertensive eye exams.  

  • Our doctors treat Glaucoma.

  • Conjunctivitis (Pink Eye)

  • Check ups for Plaquenil testing with OCT and Fundus Photography.

  • Shingles on or near the eyes.

  • Call Us Today if you Have Questions.

Optometrist or Ophthalmologist?

red puffy eyelid

Many patients ask us if they should see an Optometrist or an  Ophthalmologist.  Both are doctors, and both can treat eye diseases and prescribe medications.  Optometrists also check eyes for Glasses and Contacts.  They go the Optometry School and get a degree as Doctor of Optometry.  Ophthalmologists do surgery and got to Medical School and then specialize in the eyes where they learn surgery.

Once we see you for your medical visit, we can treat you with medications if needed and and if there is a need for a referral to a specialist of any type, we can refer you to the correct doctor.  


Primary Care Physicians are not trained on the eyes, also most Urgent Cares are not designed with the proper equipment to take care of eye emergencies.


Many medical ocular visits can be seen quickly and easily at our office.  


We accept most medical insurance plans, except PPO.  Many VSP plans also have Essential Medical Care that we can use for many medical visits.

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